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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't receive, lose my Optimum Rewards card or my card is not working?

In the event of a non-received/lost/stolen/damaged card you can re-order your Optimum Rewards card. Click the link listed under the "My Rewards" heading of the Optimum Rewards website when logged in. Or, click here.

Please note that cards take up to 4 weeks to reach your home. You will be unable to request a card prior to 4 weeks from your registration or last re-order date. Once you receive your new card, your old card will become deactivated.

Can I still use my current Optimum Rewards card if I move?

If you are moving, please follow these simple steps:

Transfer Your Optimum IDs. If you have existing Optimum IDs, you will need to transfer them to your new account in order to maintain access to Optimum Online e-mail, Online Bill Pay and My Optimum Voice. Ask your technician to transfer your existing Optimum IDs to the new account at the time of installation. Or, you can do it yourself by logging into the Optimum ID Management Center with your primary Optimum ID after the installation is completed.

Order a Replacement Optimum Rewards Card. If you currently have an Optimum Rewards Card, and maintain the required level of service at your new address, you'll need to order a new card. First, make sure you have transferred your Optimum IDs to your new account (see above). Next, log into optimumrewards.com, click on the Order A Replacement Card in the upper right corner of the home page, and you will be redirected to the appropriate page for ordering your new card.

As long as you maintain the required level of service at your new address, all other Optimum Rewards benefits, including your $20 monthly discount, will automatically transfer to the new account.

How do I receive the $20 combined monthly discount?

Optimum Rewards Members who are not receiving additional combined discounts or promotional offers will receive the combined $20 monthly "bottom of the bill discount" automatically. Optimum Rewards Members who are currently receiving combined discount or promotional offers such as the Triple Play or Double Play promotion will automatically receive their discount at the end of their promotional period. The Optimum Rewards discount includes the $5 per month discount on Optimum Online with Family Cable or above, plus the current benefit of a $15 per month discount for subscribing to all three services at the required levels.

When will I receive my Optimum Rewards card?

You should receive your Optimum Rewards card 3-4 weeks after you register on the Optimum Rewards website.

Which Rewards can I take advantage of before I receive my card?

You can take advantage of ALL Optimum Rewards benefits before you receive your Optimum Rewards card. In order to take advantage of discounted and free movie tickets at Clearview Cinemas before your card arrives, simply show a photo ID along with a print out of your registration confirmation page or e-mail.

How do I take advantage of free and discounted movie tickets at Clearview Cinemas with my Optimum Rewards card?

Present your Optimum Rewards card at the Clearview Cinemas box office. You will receive up to 2 free tickets for any movie of your choice on Tuesdays. You can buy up to 4 discounted tickets per day for a movie on any other day of the week. Discounted ticket prices are $7 for adults, $6 for Seniors (62 and older) and $5 for children (Under 12). In the future, you will be able to obtain free and discounted tickets from Clearview Cinemas online.

Are there any exceptions or blackout date restrictions for the discounted and free movies at Clearview Cinemas?

At certain peak and holiday periods, blackout dates may be in effect, which will restrict allowance of the free and/or discounted movies. In addition, there are certain special theater engagements that may be blacked out from free and/or discounted admission. There may also be extra fees for movies offering a 3D experience. Please check the notices on this site for more details about any blackout dates and/or extra fees.

Can I get more than one Optimum Rewards card?

At this time, only one Optimum Rewards card is provided per household.

Please note: All household members are permitted to use this card.

How do I qualify for the Optimum Rewards Program?

All Cablevision customers with all three Optimum Services -- iO TV, Optimum Online and Optimum Voice including those on multi-product promotions, are eligible to become Optimum Rewards Members. Those Optimum Rewards Members on multi-product promotional offers will become automatically eligible to receive the $20 monthly combined discount at the end of their promotional period. The Optimum Rewards discount includes the $5 per month discount on Optimum Online with Family Cable or above, plus the current benefit of a $15 per month discount for subscribing to all three services at the required levels. Click here to register now.

How do I win a Unique Experience?

Each Unique Experience will be awarded to the Optimum Rewards Member with the lowest time playing the Optimum Rewards game. You can play as many times as you like. Your lowest time from all of your game plays will be your submission to determine the winner. With each game play, your time will be compared against your time from your previous plays. If your time is better than from a previous play, the better time will replace your previous. If your time is worse than from previous plays, it will be ignored. Check the Optimum Rewards website to find out when the eligibility period ends for game time entries for each Unique Experience.

How will I find out if I've won a Unique Experience?

Each winner of a Unique Experience will be notified shortly after the end of the game play eligibility period.

How do I take advantage of Optimum Rewards discounts on Optimum Store products?

Items that have an Optimum Rewards discount are displayed under the "Exclusive Discounts" heading on the Optimum Rewards homepage. Click on the item(s) you are interested in to view product details and access purchase links.

How do I take advantage of pre-sale, preferred seating and discounted tickets?

Click on the event you are interested in on the Optimum Rewards website. You will find a Ticketmaster promotional code that provides access for tickets to Optimum Rewards Members. You can use the promotional code by calling Ticketmaster or purchasing tickets on the Ticketmaster website.

I just added an Optimum service to have all 3 Optimum services. When can I register?

You must wait 24 hours after all 3 of your Optimum services have been installed. Then you can register to begin receiving Optimum Rewards benefits.

How old do I have to be play the Optimum Rewards game to try to win a Unique Experience?

Anyone can play the Optimum Rewards game using your Optimum Rewards username and password. All Unique Experiences will be awarded to the name on the Cablevision account associated with the Optimum Rewards Membership. See Official Rules link on the Optimum Rewards game for further details.

Are Cablevision employees eligible for the Optimum Rewards Program?

Employees of Cablevision Systems Corporation are not eligible.

Why do I need to provide my email address during the registration process?

Your email address is used to provide you with program updates and offers, as well as notify you in the event you win a Unique Experience or other prize.

Do Members Really Win Unique Experiences?

Yes! Most of our Unique Experience promotions consist of a Grand Prize Winner and Runner Up Winners. Please visit our Winners page to see what some of our winning members have to say.

If your question has not been answered, please send an email to rewhelp@cablevision.com.

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